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SCCY firearms gives you the protection that you deserve. We put confidence directly into your hands by providing you the most accurate and reliable concealed carry. No matter the situation, carrying a SCCY firearm will give you the continued assurance for your protection. SCCY Firearms has a passion to protect its American people with quality SCCY pistols for sale. Every aspect of the firearm is made in-house to ensure it meets every specification and guarantees a superior pistol. SCCY’s technology combined with quality and value continuously proves that SCCY Firearms is the King of Concealed Carry. Providing the best customer service in the industry is SCCY’s top priority and passion. Their perpetual warranty ensures that you will always have the finest SCCY pistol, and your SCCY firearm will always be protected to guarantee that you have the highest-quality SCCY pistol.

[trx_block title=”Buy SCCY Pistols For Sale” description=”Buy our SCCY pistols for sale available at our shop with rapid shipping within 24 hours of placing your order. We have a variety of SCCY pistols for sale all available in stock including SCCY CPX-2 and SCCY CPX1 pistols. These SCCY pistols are brand new and come with all accessories including three(3) mags.” scheme=”light”]

It Is Now Official! We Do Accept Bitcoins With A 15% Discount!

At the moment you can make payments on our website using Bitcoins, Ethereum, USDT or any other cryptocurrency and benefit from a 15% discount on all Cryptocurrency payments. The world is rapidly changing with the use of digital money and we won’t be left behind!

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Nothing ever was this easy! Pick a firearm
and check out with your FFL Dealer/Your own address

We offer a wide selection of Sccy Pistols including Sccy Cpx 1 & Sccy Cpx 2 pistols through the entire SCCY Firearms company. We are able to order many additional options if you don’t see what you are looking for. Please call or e-mail for current pricing.